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Best golf cart batteries

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So, if you like to play golf then you know how important it is to have a properly functioning Golf Cart. The game is obviously very entertaining, but without a Golf Cart it loses all its attractiveness. To ensure that your Golf Cart is fully functional, you must use the right golf cart battery to make it work. There are many golf cart batteries which do not even reach the mark, but then there are also many batteries which are worth using. Here is a list of the best golf cart batteries.

UPG UB12350 (Group U1) battery

These are the kind of batteries that you are looking for. They are high tech sets of batteries for your golf cart that offer a very long life, longer than the others. Small weight makes them portable. These batteries offer longevity and perfect functionality to your golf cart. These are SLA batteries and come with a warranty of one year. They consist of an absorptive glass mat technology and are available at an economical price.

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Trojan 6 Volt battery T-105

These are very good quality batteries and there is also an additional battery model T-105 which is the latest and a very economic battery for your golf cart. It offers a long battery life at a very economic cost per ampere hour. You must maintain it well so that you can enjoy unstoppable use of this set of batteries on your golf cart. They are multipurpose and very advanced in terms of technology. These are among the best golf cart batteries very quickly are charged and they can last long even after the continuous use.

Trojan T-875 golf cart batteries

Trojan is a high ranked golf cart batteries manufacturer. They add technology and innovation together in such a way that the results are satisfying. The T-875 batteries offer eight volts’ voltage to the golf cart motor. It not only carries the warranty, but also the reputation of Trojan. These are one of the best golf cart batteries which can offer a very long life cycle, available in a pack of six batteries. In case you want to play golf all day, you should also know that these batteries discharge slowly.

Amstron GC2 6V AGM golf cart battery

This is one of the best golf cart batteries because it is hundred percent maintenance free batteries. They give sturdiness to your golf cart and have some really amazing features. These batteries can not only be used for golf carts, but also for solar and wind motors. These batteries provide a long back up at a minimal cost.

Best Womens Golf Clubs for Beginners

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When it comes to the Best Womens Golf Clubs for Beginners there is a lot of information that can really help with making the best decision. For lady golfers it is so important that you play with the right clubs for you and not your brothers/dads/grandads/friends clubs because male clubs are very different to female golf clubs! The following post will highlight the most important information you will need to make an educated decision about the best lady golf clubs.

Differences with Womens clubs to Males

There are many differences between lady clubs and male clubs but the major difference lays in the shafts. The shaft material, length and flex are where the biggest difference is. So let’s take a look at this in more detail.

Shaft Material

For female golfers the vast majority have a slower swing speed than the male counterparts. The biggest difference is making a lightweight shaft that can help immensely with your swing speed and gaining distance with your shots. Good female golf clubs would be made from graphite which is very lightweight.


Shaft Length

Female clubs are smaller than males clubs which is good and bad. There are many tall females who will need to have their clubs lengthened to the correct height and there are shorter females who will need the length shortened. There is the option to purchase male clubs made from lightweight material if you are very tall but I personally thing sticking to graphite is best.

Shaft Flex

This refers to how much your club will flex with your swing, the flex is categorized and generally Ladies clubs are labelled with a L. This means ladies flex. Ladies clubs and flex L are suited to swing speeds that are a maximum of 80 MPH. Most female players have a swing speed of less than 80MPH. If you know yours is more than this then perhaps a different flex is better.

Perimeter Weighted Clubs

Perimeter weighting means the weight is evenly distributed around the club face which makes it easier to hit the ball. The sweet spot is very large and even if you have a terrible shot the perimeter weighting offers the forgiveness you want when learning to golf. Perimeter weighting is not included in all clubs so if you feel like a larger sweet spot is what you need then look for this feature.

Best Womens Golf Clubs for Beginners – Callaway Strata

The best choice for beginner to intermediate players is definitely the Callaway Strata womens clubs. They have graphite shafts as well as a large sweet spot making these clubs accurate and very forgiving.

The Callaway Strata Set includes a:

  • Driver
  • 5 Wood + head cover
  • Hybrid (5H) + head cover
  • 6 Irons
  • Pitching Wedge + Sand Wedge
  • Putter – mallet style.
  • Bag with five pockets + cooler pocket, rain hood and strap.

The Callaway Strata Plus clubs are for sure the best value for money in lady golf clubs. They are a great price and fantastic for beginners and intermediate players. One feature that I quite like is that they come in purple and who doesn’t like that!

Learn some more about astronomy binoculars before purchasing it!

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To know more about astronomy binoculars, you need to know what astronomy is in the first hand. It is defined as the study of celestial objects for instance, the planets, stars, cluster of stars, comets, galaxies and many more. All the action that’s happening behind the earth and the galaxies are all a part of astronomy, and there is a special equipment with the help of which you can easily view some of the actions that’s been going on. This equipment is called the astronomy binoculars.

Styles and shapes

If you do not already know this, you should be aware that this piece of instrument comes in various sizes as well as shapes. You will find simple binoculars that allows you to view very little and also there are quite large and big binoculars that allow you to view a lot.

However, it does not matter how big or small it is, because whatever the size s, it will always be better than what you see through a named eye. Therefore, if you are one of those people who is an avid gazer of stars then it is probably good decision to buy astronomy binoculars.

What can you see with an average quality astronomy binocular?

If you think you will be able to see almost everything that goes on in the universe with an average quality astronomy binoculars, then you are wrong. Only a small bit of planetary detail is visible with average quality binoculars. Thus, if you want to see more action, then you should buy a high power binocular.

However, you will be able to view the moon very clearly along with other planet such as Jupiter and Venus. However, do not expect to see anything more than this. However, even within this small range, you will be able to other deep sky objects which lie within the small range such as the Orion Nebula and the spiral galaxy.

What does majority people purchase?

For majority people, only a small range binocular is highly sufficient. The more the light that is gathered on the lens, the fainter is the objects which are far away. Moreover, the magnification is also more for astronomy binoculars. Make sure that you test the equipment first before you make the final purchase. Usually the weight is heavy and therefore, you should check whether you are comfortable using it or not.

Best knee brace for golf players

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Knee pain and arthrosis are common in athletes, cyclists, football players and golf players. It appears in places where the greatest effort is being placed onto the joints. Simply put, it affects the most commonly used joints. In golf players, pain appears in joints undergoing repeated movements, strains and frequent injuries which are repeatedly experienced. Their weak points are their knees.

Fortunately, the best knee brace for golf players is not that expensive anymore. It is widespread and there are several high-quality brands in the market. Let’s see what the best knee brace for golf players should be like.


As there are many products of this kind both in the stores and online, you must pay attention to the genuine origin, manufacturer and quality of the knee brace you are about to buy. Copies, i.e. fake products will not help you. Some of them might even hurt you if the material is poor. Therefore, pay attention to the following parts of the article.

The best knee braces on the market for golf players should have the following qualities:

  • It must be made of a high-quality material,
  • The material should be durable, yet its surface must be gentle to your skin,
  • The tapes must be designed so that the metal buckles or the self-adhesive parts, depending on the model, don’t come into contact with your skin in order to avoid irritation and damage,
  • Tapes should be adjustable to different knee sizes,
  • Tapes should not be seen under clothing,
  • The brace must be easy to remove, yet not loose.


There are many reasons to use a knee brace, especially if you are a professional or amateur golf player. These are some of the most important ones:

  • Knee brace helps relieve chronic pain in your knees,
  • It works against stiffness and helps restore joints and muscles flexibility,
  • It relieves the tension of muscles surrounding the knee,
  • It improves blood flow to the area,
  • It significantly facilitates movement,
  • It prevents injuries.

To conclude, knee braces are medical devices that help relieve chronic knee pain without surgery. They are especially useful for golf players, but also those who suffer from similar knee pain or injuries.

Best back brace

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Unfortunately all golf players can end up with a bad back and the older you get the more likely it is to occur. Prevention is always better than finding a cure, but if you have already hurt your back chances are you will need a back brace of some sort to nurse yourself back into shape. Today’s post is going to cover just that – the best back brace.

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Proper posture directly affects the health of the locomotor system. It also increases one’s self-confidence, physical appearance and is very important for overall health. Back pain can significantly decrease life quality. People who are prone to back problems and should wear a back brace include all those who lead a sedentary life, those who continuously have to lift or carry heavy objects due to their job or any other circumstances, professional drivers, those who are used to sitting in a bad position at work for a longer period of time or people who had experienced a back or spine injury. Furthermore, students or people who use the computer for a long time should consider finding the best back brace for themselves. The use of a back brace is usually easy and, more importantly, its benefits are numerous.


The best back brace should have the following qualities:

  • a unique, spine-like shape that does not hurt one’s back,
  • it extends along the entire spine,
  • it slightly heats the spine and back,
  • it is made of a durable, firm, yet gentle material which will not damage one’s skin,
  • the material should be anti-allergenic and antibacterial,
  • it is easy to use and easy to maintain,
  • it is discreet and seamless,
  • it does not require any power source.


  • it relieves the thoracic part of the spine from pressure and tension,
  • it stimulates the muscles that support the spine,
  • it diminishes the pain,
  • it improves circulation,
  • in the long run, it corrects bad posture,
  • it prevents further serious disorders, such as scoliosis, lordosis, and kyphosis,
  • it increases overall life quality.

We recommend wearing back braces several hours a day, during activities which result in an incorrect posture. Constant wearing of back braces is not recommended, even if you own the best back brace.

In conclusion, despite the common opinion that the back pain is associated with elderly people, it is present in people of all age groups and equally common in both women and men. Although there are cases in which back pain leads to some forms of disabilities, the combination of the best back brace and spine-suitable exercise should be enough for most of the patients in order to make them feel better.


How The Golf Range Finders Work To Simply Gameplay For You

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Whether you are new to golfing or a player with years of experience, you will have to admit that technology keeps on changing for aiding in sports and games, and you may find new and exciting things in this sport too. Such a device is the golf range finder, and it’s great to know how golf range finders work.

Types of golf range finders and their use

There are two types of golf range finders. One is the laser device, and another is the best golf GPS device. They work in different ways. The range finders help in locating the distance from the player to an object or other features in a golf course. It may be about the golf ball distance, the hole distance, the geography of the golf course, certain obstacles on ground and many such things. The accuracy depends on which range finder device you are using.

How the laser ranger finder works

The laser range finder works by sending a laser beam to the device which you want to know the distance of. For this device type to work, the object which you want to learn the distance of must be visible to you. When the object is visible, then you can point the range finder at it and pull the trigger. This will send a laser beam from the device to the object which will touch the object and reflect or return back to the device. This will make the device calculate the distance and the reading will be visible on screen. This device is accurate as long as you target it on the right object in the right direction with accuracy. If the laser beam strikes any other object in the vicinity or in the wrong direction, then you would get wrong readings.

GPS ranger finder working

GPS golf range finders work by GPS signal system. Here the objects you want to find need not be in your view or vision. You can locate anything by the global positioning system that works via satellite signals. All you need is a working internet connection for the device to perform. The device can sense and show all objects that you want to find in the golf course. You simply need to load the golf course in the device to gauge the territory.

When you turn on the device while standing on the golf course, the device acquires the satellite feed for the place. Selecting the hole sets the target in the GPS range finder.

Golf – The Game for All Ages

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golf ball on the green

Golf is such a brilliant game for your health – mentally, physically and emotionally! This is a sport that can be played from a very young age to a very old age. All you really need to do is adapt your equipment to your age. This is a very unique sport in this sense and can be played for many many years.

Junior Golf Clubs

There are sets of golf clubs specifically made for little ones getting into the sport! These sets are very simple and generally include a driver, fairway wood, iron, pitching wedge and putter and that’s all you really need when you are learning to golf!

Intermediate Golf Clubs

Once you progress from junior clubs or perhaps you are new to the sport then picking up a set of beginner golf clubs or intermediates, depending on your skill level. Depending on the style, brand and technology of these clubs will determine the price and your playing ability. I’m going to go ahead and say now that the best elementary golf set are the Callaway Strata Clubs. These clubs are fantastic and offer forgiveness yet great playability.

Lady Golf Clubs

For the women of the sport there are specific clubs made for female players. The biggest difference between women and males golf clubs is that the shafts are made from graphite. This is a really important feature, graphite makes them lightweight and the perfect companion for a female swing.

Senior Golf Clubs

Moving onto seniors, it can be a hard reality to face but if your game is slipping then you could try specifically tailored golf clubs for seniors. These are lighter than standard clubs which is great news if your swing speed has started to slow. Just because you are aging doesn’t mean your golf has to suffer.

Health Benefits

Healthy, Happy Heart

Getting your blood pumping is the best thing for your heart and of course walking a golf course and taking your clubs along with you counts. 9 holes will be at least 2km of walking and double that for 18 holes. A happy, healthy heart is going to help lower your bad cholesterol, and reduce blood pressure if and when paired with a healthy diet.

Brain Health

Not only being outdoors but also getting exercise is fantastic for your body but your brain is also going to benefit hugely! Learning and remember techniques will keep your brain in tip top shape.

Improved Sleep

Learning how to fine tune your game and walking a course, being out in the fresh air is a recipe for a great sleep! Regular exercise is one of the best ways to help you sleep faster and gain deep sleep.

Low Impact

This is a low injury sport, and low-impact on the body so if you are worried about hurting yourself then this is a great sport to try!


Golf is a sport that can be played by all ages and for as long as you are interested! There are countless health benefits to the sport so why not give it a try.

MG Golf Gloves

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The MG Golf Gloves or MG Dynagrip are a fantastic, very affordable golf glove. Golf gloves are a very important thing to have in your golf kit! I feel like they are left out from time to time so let’s take a look at they are so important as well as my thoughts on the MG Golf Gloves.

The Important of a Golf Glove

If you don’t believe you need a golf glove then continue reading and see if I can change your mind. There are many benefits to having a correctly fitted golf glove including improved swing and playing in varying weather conditions.

Improved Golf Swing

For a good swing you need to have  good grip that isn’t too forced, so relaxed enough to give you the freedom to swing properly. There are many players who will notice an improvement in their golf swing, not only because the gloves prevent blisters but also because of the improved grip.


Cold and Wet Weather Conditions

If you are wanting to play golf in cold or rainy conditions then you will need to have gloves that keep your hands warm. Without warmth your hands will seize up which will limit your flexibility and range of motion. This is also true for windy conditions. If it is rainy, cold and windy and you have to play golf then the correct gloves are going to help considerably.

Ideally you want gloves with a warm inner layer and cushioning but not so much that your playing ability and sense of feeling is compromised. I highly recommend FootJoy for this as they are the leaders in wet weather/cold weather gloves.

The most important thing with wet conditions is that you still have a solid grip or can maintain a solid grip on your clubs. You don’t want to be swinging and send your club flying in the process.

Hot Weather Conditions

When it is hot the most important feature is breathability because if you are sweating your hands are going to be slippery inside the glove. Leather material can be quite sweaty so breathable ones are definitely important to have.

MG Golf Glove Review

MG golf gloves are the cheapest yet very effective gloves and thanks to a few PGA tournament winners using them have grown considerably in popularity.

The MG Golf Glove is completely made from cabretta leather and are a stylish and functional glove. It feels good to use and your swing is going to love it. These gloves are also moisture resistant making them suitable for rainy conditions although it would be ideal to have FootJoy wet weather gloves.

MG Golf gloves are very basic but over 10 million units have been sold worldwide, these gloves are growing in popularity. With countless positive reviews the MG Golf Glove is a fantastic choice for the budget conscious golfer looking for the best value for money. The MG Golf Glove can be purchased from Amazon making it even easier and faster to replace old gloves when the time is right!