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Unfortunately all golf players can end up with a bad back and the older you get the more likely it is to occur. Prevention is always better than finding a cure, but if you have already hurt your back chances are you will need a back brace of some sort to nurse yourself back into shape. Today’s post is going to cover just that – the best back brace.

Proper posture directly affects the health of the locomotor system. It also increases one’s self-confidence, physical appearance and is very important for overall health. Back pain can significantly decrease life quality. People who are prone to back problems and should wear a back brace include all those who lead a sedentary life, those who continuously have to lift or carry heavy objects due to their job or any other circumstances, professional drivers, those who are used to sitting in a bad position at work for a longer period of time or people who had experienced a back or spine injury. Furthermore, students or people who use the computer for a long time should consider finding the best back brace for themselves. The use of a back brace is usually easy and, more importantly, its benefits are numerous.


The best back brace should have the following qualities:

  • a unique, spine-like shape that does not hurt one’s back,
  • it extends along the entire spine,
  • it slightly heats the spine and back,
  • it is made of a durable, firm, yet gentle material which will not damage one’s skin,
  • the material should be anti-allergenic and antibacterial,
  • it is easy to use and easy to maintain,
  • it is discreet and seamless,
  • it does not require any power source.


  • it relieves the thoracic part of the spine from pressure and tension,
  • it stimulates the muscles that support the spine,
  • it diminishes the pain,
  • it improves circulation,
  • in the long run, it corrects bad posture,
  • it prevents further serious disorders, such as scoliosis, lordosis, and kyphosis,
  • it increases overall life quality.

We recommend wearing back braces several hours a day, during activities which result in an incorrect posture. Constant wearing of back braces is not recommended, even if you own the best back brace.

In conclusion, despite the common opinion that the back pain is associated with elderly people, it is present in people of all age groups and equally common in both women and men. Although there are cases in which back pain leads to some forms of disabilities, the combination of the best back brace and spine-suitable exercise should be enough for most of the patients in order to make them feel better.