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So, if you like to play golf then you know how important it is to have a properly functioning Golf Cart. The game is obviously very entertaining, but without a Golf Cart it loses all its attractiveness. To ensure that your Golf Cart is fully functional, you must use the right golf cart battery to make it work. There are many golf cart batteries which do not even reach the mark, but then there are also many batteries which are worth using. Here is a list of the best golf cart batteries.

UPG UB12350 (Group U1) battery

These are the kind of batteries that you are looking for. They are high tech sets of batteries for your golf cart that offer a very long life, longer than the others. Small weight makes them portable. These batteries offer longevity and perfect functionality to your golf cart. These are SLA batteries and come with a warranty of one year. They consist of an absorptive glass mat technology and are available at an economical price.

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Trojan 6 Volt battery T-105

These are very good quality batteries and there is also an additional battery model T-105 which is the latest and a very economic battery for your golf cart. It offers a long battery life at a very economic cost per ampere hour. You must maintain it well so that you can enjoy unstoppable use of this set of batteries on your golf cart. They are multipurpose and very advanced in terms of technology. These are among the best golf cart batteries very quickly are charged and they can last long even after the continuous use.

Trojan T-875 golf cart batteries

Trojan is a high ranked golf cart batteries manufacturer. They add technology and innovation together in such a way that the results are satisfying. The T-875 batteries offer eight volts’ voltage to the golf cart motor. It not only carries the warranty, but also the reputation of Trojan. These are one of the best golf cart batteries which can offer a very long life cycle, available in a pack of six batteries. In case you want to play golf all day, you should also know that these batteries discharge slowly.

Amstron GC2 6V AGM golf cart battery

This is one of the best golf cart batteries because it is hundred percent maintenance free batteries. They give sturdiness to your golf cart and have some really amazing features. These batteries can not only be used for golf carts, but also for solar and wind motors. These batteries provide a long back up at a minimal cost.