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When it comes to the top rated and best Womens Golf Clubs for Beginners there is a lot of information that can really help with making the best decision. For lady golfers it is so important that you play with the right clubs for you and not your brothers/dads/grandads/friends clubs because male clubs are very different to female golf clubs! The following post will highlight the most important information you will need to make an educated decision about the best lady golf clubs.

Differences with Womens clubs to Males

There are many differences between lady clubs and male clubs but the major difference lays in the shafts. The shaft material, length and flex are where the biggest difference is. So let’s take a look at this in more detail.

Shaft Material

For female golfers the vast majority have a slower swing speed than the male counterparts. The biggest difference is making a lightweight shaft that can help immensely with your swing speed and gaining distance with your shots. Good female golf clubs would be made from graphite which is very lightweight.

Shaft Length

Female clubs are smaller than males clubs which is good and bad. There are many tall females who will need to have their clubs lengthened to the correct height and there are shorter females who will need the length shortened. There is the option to purchase male clubs made from lightweight material if you are very tall but I personally thing sticking to graphite is best.

Shaft Flex

This refers to how much your club will flex with your swing, the flex is categorized and generally Ladies clubs are labelled with a L. This means ladies flex. Ladies clubs and flex L are suited to swing speeds that are a maximum of 80 MPH. Most female players have a swing speed of less than 80MPH. If you know yours is more than this then perhaps a different flex is better.

Perimeter Weighted Clubs

Perimeter weighting means the weight is evenly distributed around the club face which makes it easier to hit the ball. The sweet spot is very large and even if you have a terrible shot the perimeter weighting offers the forgiveness you want when learning to golf. Perimeter weighting is not included in all clubs so if you feel like a larger sweet spot is what you need then look for this feature.

Best Womens Golf Clubs for Beginners – Callaway Strata

The best choice for beginner to intermediate players is definitely the Callaway Strata womens clubs. They have graphite shafts as well as a large sweet spot making these clubs accurate and very forgiving.

The Callaway Strata Set includes a:

  • Driver
  • 5 Wood + head cover
  • Hybrid (5H) + head cover
  • 6 Irons
  • Pitching Wedge + Sand Wedge
  • Putter – mallet style.
  • Bag with five pockets + cooler pocket, rain hood and strap.

The Callaway Strata Plus clubs are for sure the best value for money in lady golf clubs. They are a great price and fantastic for beginners and intermediate players. One feature that I quite like is that they come in purple and who doesn’t like that!