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Golf is such a brilliant game for your health – mentally, physically and emotionally! This is a sport that can be played from a very young age to a very old age. All you really need to do is adapt your equipment to your age. This is a very unique sport in this sense and can be played for many many years.

Junior Golf Clubs

There are sets of golf clubs specifically made for little ones getting into the sport! These sets are very simple and generally include a driver, fairway wood, iron, pitching wedge and putter and that’s all you really need when you are learning to golf!

Intermediate Golf Clubs

Once you progress from junior clubs or perhaps you are new to the sport then picking up a set of beginner golf clubs or intermediates, depending on your skill level. Depending on the style, brand and technology of these clubs will determine the price and your playing ability. I’m going to go ahead and say now that the best elementary golf set are the Callaway Strata Clubs. These clubs are fantastic and offer forgiveness yet great playability.

Lady Golf Clubs

For the women of the sport there are specific clubs made for female players. The biggest difference between women and males golf clubs is that the shafts are made from graphite. This is a really important feature, graphite makes them lightweight and the perfect companion for a female swing.

Senior Golf Clubs

Moving onto seniors, it can be a hard reality to face but if your game is slipping then you could try specifically tailored golf clubs for seniors. These are lighter than standard clubs which is great news if your swing speed has started to slow. Just because you are aging doesn’t mean your golf has to suffer.

Health Benefits

Healthy, Happy Heart

Getting your blood pumping is the best thing for your heart and of course walking a golf course and taking your clubs along with you counts. 9 holes will be at least 2km of walking and double that for 18 holes. A happy, healthy heart is going to help lower your bad cholesterol, and reduce blood pressure if and when paired with a healthy diet.

Brain Health

Not only being outdoors but also getting exercise is fantastic for your body but your brain is also going to benefit hugely! Learning and remember techniques will keep your brain in tip top shape.

Improved Sleep

Learning how to fine tune your game and walking a course, being out in the fresh air is a recipe for a great sleep! Regular exercise is one of the best ways to help you sleep faster and gain deep sleep.

Low Impact

This is a low injury sport, and low-impact on the body so if you are worried about hurting yourself then this is a great sport to try!


Golf is a sport that can be played by all ages and for as long as you are interested! There are countless health benefits to the sport so why not give it a try.