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Whether you are new to golfing or a player with years of experience, you will have to admit that technology keeps on changing for aiding in sports and games, and you may find new and exciting things in this sport too. Such a device is the golf range finder, and it’s great to know how golf range finders work.

Types of golf range finders and their use

There are two types of golf range finders. One is the laser device, and another is the top 9 best golf GPS device in 2019. They work in different ways. The range finders help in locating the distance from the player to an object or other features in a golf course. It may be about the golf ball distance, the hole distance, the geography of the golf course, certain obstacles on ground and many such things. The accuracy depends on which range finder device you are using.

How the laser ranger finder works

The laser range finder works by sending a laser beam to the device which you want to know the distance of. For this device type to work, the object which you want to learn the distance of must be visible to you. When the object is visible, then you can point the range finder at it and pull the trigger. This will send a laser beam from the device to the object which will touch the object and reflect or return back to the device. This will make the device calculate the distance and the reading will be visible on screen. This device is accurate as long as you target it on the right object in the right direction with accuracy. If the laser beam strikes any other object in the vicinity or in the wrong direction, then you would get wrong readings.

GPS ranger finder working

GPS golf range finders work by GPS signal system. Here the objects you want to find need not be in your view or vision. You can locate anything by the global positioning system that works via satellite signals. All you need is a working internet connection for the device to perform. The device can sense and show all objects that you want to find in the golf course. You simply need to load the golf course in the device to gauge the territory.

When you turn on the device while standing on the golf course, the device acquires the satellite feed for the place. Selecting the hole sets the target in the GPS range finder.