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The MG Golf Gloves or MG Dynagrip are a fantastic, very affordable golf glove. Golf gloves are a very important thing to have in your golf kit! I feel like they are left out from time to time so let’s take a look at they are so important as well as my thoughts on the MG Golf Gloves.

The Important of a Golf Glove

If you don’t believe you need a golf glove then continue reading and see if I can change your mind. There are many benefits to having a correctly fitted golf glove including improved swing and playing in varying weather conditions.

Improved Golf Swing

For a good swing you need to have  good grip that isn’t too forced, so relaxed enough to give you the freedom to swing properly. There are many players who will notice an improvement in their golf swing, not only because the gloves prevent blisters but also because of the improved grip.


Cold and Wet Weather Conditions

If you are wanting to play golf in cold or rainy conditions then you will need to have gloves that keep your hands warm. Without warmth your hands will seize up which will limit your flexibility and range of motion. This is also true for windy conditions. If it is rainy, cold and windy and you have to play golf then the correct gloves are going to help considerably.

Ideally you want gloves with a warm inner layer and cushioning but not so much that your playing ability and sense of feeling is compromised. I highly recommend FootJoy for this as they are the leaders in wet weather/cold weather gloves.

The most important thing with wet conditions is that you still have a solid grip or can maintain a solid grip on your clubs. You don’t want to be swinging and send your club flying in the process.

Hot Weather Conditions

When it is hot the most important feature is breathability because if you are sweating your hands are going to be slippery inside the glove. Leather material can be quite sweaty so breathable ones are definitely important to have.

MG Golf Glove Review

MG golf gloves are the cheapest yet very effective gloves and thanks to a few PGA tournament winners using them have grown considerably in popularity.

The MG Golf Glove is completely made from cabretta leather and are a stylish and functional glove. It feels good to use and your swing is going to love it. These gloves are also moisture resistant making them suitable for rainy conditions although it would be ideal to have FootJoy wet weather gloves.

MG Golf gloves are very basic but over 10 million units have been sold worldwide, these gloves are growing in popularity. With countless positive reviews the MG Golf Glove is a fantastic choice for the budget conscious golfer looking for the best value for money. The MG Golf Glove can be purchased from Amazon making it even easier and faster to replace old gloves when the time is right!